Nov 3, 2012

The Bobcats are awesum

If you have not checked out the Bobcats, do it now:

Awesom link

Well worth a visit ‘cos they show you the way it is in the corporate world and beyond. Meow!

Jul 15, 2012

Cat closes the door on humans

Well, it’s about time — we cats need some privacy, and sometimes we just have to close the door on all humans.


A cool cat knows how to stay private.

Jun 13, 2012

Cats are awesome!

Good Day!

I was just browsing our internet and I could not help notice that some of you have uploaded darn spectacular films.

We cats are teh best

Ha ha, the humans should only know! We have been able to (xxx) for years. I can not write more about it here. Got to keep our secrets, my fellow felines.



Dec 29, 2011

Majestic purple fur shine

I thought I would just toss in a short blog post about the summer of 2011. Nothing really happened but I was outside a lot, guarding the premisses.

Mister Zhimba in the garden

Handsome British shorthair

Darn, I am so handsome. Please note the purple shine in my dense fur.

Oct 23, 2011

Why do the humans have to turn on the cold outside?

We are approaching the winter and I am very perplexed: Why do the humans turn on the cold? Outside, I mean. I see no reason. They are the ones responsible for it, I assume.

Zhimba, British Shorthair, Sweden, February 2011

Chilling outside

This picture was taken last winder (February 2011), and it shows myself on my shelf, freezing, outside my house. I just cannot understand how the birds are able to fly around in the cold air. I must continue to keep them under close observation.

Sep 8, 2010

What’s the spectacle about?

Tss, these humans. I accidentally pulled one small pot into the floor; it was destroyed, and apparently some plant got hurt in the process. What is the problem, really? I mean, someone had to catch that fly, right? And it sure was not going to be one of those humans.Majestic pose

Feb 16, 2010

Take it easy

Dear friends, here is a picture of me in one of my favorite positions. I enjoy relaxing and taking it easy. Like everybody else – except birds, who fly around all the time.


Taking it easy

Feb 15, 2010


´╗┐Welcome to my web site. This is meow first post.